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Battle of the bakers - Eliza Acton & Mrs Beeton

Accompanying episode 143 of the Ladies Who London podcast.

We rewind to the 1800s to take a look at the fascinating Eliza Acton (thanks to listener Despa for the request!) and the more known Mrs Beeton. Why is Eliza less known, even though she came beforehand, and was instrumental in revolutionising and developing the modern day cookery book.

Eliza Acton, cookery writer

Fucntional but revolutionary, the cookbook written by Eliza.

Mrs Beeton, who followed in Eliza's footsteps, continuing the development of the cookery book.

Some of the beautifully illustrated pages of Mrs Beeton's book on cookery and household management

Utterly, utterly mad - these are what long eggs look like!

Want to make your own long eggs?! We've got you covered!

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