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Bookmarking the best bookshops in London.

The Dickensian shop front of Hatchards - the oldest bookshop in Great Britain.

One of three Royal Warrant's, owned by Hatchards. This one is inside,

to the right of the entrance.

Gays the Word, the oldest LGBT bookshop in the UK.

'Pride' the movie released in 2014,

helped to put GTW on the map.

Word on the Water.

What could be more relaxing then reading a book with the sound of the Regents Canal by your side.

Alice Through The Looking Glass

This ones very niche and Lewis Carol inspired. It lives along Cecil Court, known as bookshop alley, due to the 20 something second-hand book shops, which live along it. In this shop you will find first edition books, rare illustrated editions and unique objects.

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