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Ep - 127 - The little wartime Library

On this episode we had a wonderful chat with Kate Thompson, author of The Little Wartime Library, where we talked all about the east end of London in WW2, and how Londoners sheltered in the tube during air raids.

Kate has kindly shared with us a cache of photos about the people and places we mentioned in the episode - take a look here. You can find Kate;

In the UK - you can buy her book from an independent bookshop here.

In the US - you can buy her book from Barnes & Noble here

(links are not affiliate, just suggested links to buy from a bookshop rather than Amazon, but you do you!)

Entrance into Bethnal Green Tube Station during WW2

Bethnal Green tube station during WW2

The bombing of Bethnal Green library

The library inside the tube station

Children in the tube station and library

The theatre inside the tube station

The Bethnal Green disaster, 3rd March 1943 - these photos are from the day after the disaster, including the railings being fitted.

From left to right; Joan Spicer, Mrs Chumbley, Dr Joan Martin, and Dr Joan Martin as a young doctor.

Commemorations for the Bethnal Green tube disaster. Top right is the current memorial, and the bottom photo is the Bethnal Green Disaster Survivors Group - Dr Joan Martin is in the blue coat in the centre of the photo

Kate Thompson and her book.

The final memorial day for the Bethnal Green Tube Disaster takes place on the 5th March 2023 at 2pm, starting at St John's church at Bethnal Green and then moving over to the Stairway To Heaven memorial. More information can be found here.

Listen to the podcast;

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Mar 30, 2023

Absolutely loved this episode and have bought Kates book thank you

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