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Ep 131 - Pancakes at the Guildhall

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

For our first outside broadcast, back in February, we went to watch the Inter Livery Pancake Race in the City of London. It proved to be everything we expected. Friendly, colourful, just a little bit bonkers, and all in a good cause.

The line up of the of the novelty runners

Each Livery Company - or trade guild had 4 team members: The master, a liveryman, a lady and a novelty. The novelty entries were also judged for their costumes, some of which proved easier to run in than others. Being the 300 year anniversary of the death of Sir Christopher Wren we had two different versions of St Paul's.

Hat adjustments for Paul, aka Dave, from The Chartered Surveyors. Look closely and you can see the rival St Paul's in the background, top left!

James, with the fresian legs, and Master of the Worshipful Company of Farmers

We discovered that neither of us is likely to change career to race commentating. We were better at post race analysis. Our two representative from the Farmers Company, looking very relaxed here, after all their races had been run.

Even the nearby workmen were watching.

And after the serious business of racing was over, all the participants headed down to the crypt for lunch. Which for some folks was very much the main event. Both the delicious pancakes and the lunch were provided by The Clink Charity. An organisation who work to support and train prisoners, to reduce reoffending.

Read more about their work here: Home – The Clink Charity : The Clink Charity

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Mar 30, 2023

Great pod thanks 😍

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