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Ep 137 - Making Merry Music - London's musical history

This week is all about the music as we've been chatting to our friend and colleague Adam Scott-Goulding.

What has this image to do with music in London? Well if you know the time and the place you might already be singing along. All together "as long as I gaze on........"

Waterloo Sunset Colin Smith CC BY-SA 2.0

The Kinks Waterloo Sunset West German record sleeve

We chatted about leading music tours, where you can go, what you can see and hear. Across all sorts of musical genres Adam's infectious enthusiasm is inspiring. We put him to the test, challenging him to find a musical connection for different areas of London. Did he rise to the challenge? What do you think?

British rock and roll was born at the 2i's Coffee Bar in Soho. These days it's Poppies fish and chips, but you can sit downstairs with great food and consider what great acts played here. Cliff Richard, Tommy Steele and Wee Willy Harris are just the tip of the iceberg. Legend Lionel Bart's contribution wasn't even musical!

Adam not only gave us a tune on the pod, he also followed up with playlist for us all to enjoy. So here you are - a 13 song starter playlist of London music:

Opens with I Live In Trafalgar Square; Roy Hudd's While London Sleeps is brilliant (track 9); 1st movement of London Symphony (track 10) - listen out for chimes of Big Ben as London wakes up; Track 13 is Phyllis Tate's glorious & fun windy day on Hampstead Heath x

For more from Adam you can find him on

Twitter, Instagram and TikTok @londonMusicTours

And listen to the podcast here;

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