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Ep 138: Downfall of a Queen - the end of Anne Boleyn

To mark the anniversary of the final days of Anne Boleyn we had a fascinating chat with Phillipa Lacey Brewell.

Phillipa is guide and historian who runs British History Tours - which for the moment often focus on Tudor History. She joined us to talk through the events of Anne Beleyn's last days. From her arrest and imprisonment at the Tower to her execution. It's astonishing that Henry 8th spent six years trying to marry Anne, and only three years later the cogs were turning to remove her. Anne was arrested on 2nd of May and dead less than three weeks later.

It's quite a grim story and not too many visual images to share for this week. Just one gratuitous one of the Tower looking menacing for you as you dive into the pod.

You can find Phillipa on Instagram:

And on Youtube @BritishHistory

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Instagram; @ladieswholondonpodcast


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