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Ep 140 - the Cato Street Conspiracy - treason and terror

30th May 2023 - Ep 140.

Back in 1820, times were fractious. Not long after the end of the French revolution, the smell of change lingered in the air, and had reached the shores of Britain. In London, suppression of political radicals and ideas had begun, and secret societies were pushed underground, creating militant factions intent on spurring change

23rd Feb 1820 saw the most notorious of all attempts, the Cato Street Conspiracy. A group of men under the banner of the Spencerian Society of Philanthropy took it upon themselves to attempt to murder the entire Cabinet in one go. Would they succeed? We take a look at the story on this week's episode.

Below are images and more information to support the story.

Newspaper report depicting the Bow Street Runners entering the hayloft, Arthur Thistlewood stabbing one runner with his sword, and the mayhem of escaping conspirators. WikiCommons

The Hayloft at Cato Street. Wikicommons

4 of the main conspirators - L-R - William Davidson, James Ings (butcher) and Thomas Brunt, and the ringleader Arthur Thistlewood.

Execution of the five men charged with high treason

Cato Street as it appears today with the English Heritage Blue Plaque.

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Eve Gale
Eve Gale
Jun 01, 2023

James 1 first Stuart monarch?

Queen Anne I believe was last Stuart monarch.

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