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Episode 134 Queen of the Air, Amy Johnson

On this week's podcast, we are talking about the amazing Amy Johnson. Born in Hull, she relocated to London where she first saw planes taking off, and decided to take up flying as a hobby. Just 9 months later, this hobby had become a career, and she took to the skies to try to break the record for flying from the UK to Australia.

Throughout her illustrious career, she would fall in love with both Jason (!) and Jim, and eventually would enrol in the Air Transport Auxiliary during the second world war. How would this shape her life? You can listen to the podcast to find out!

Below are some photos and videos of this amazing woman.

Fairfax Corporation. Amy Johnson with her Aeroplane, Jason, New South Wales 16 June 1930. National Library of Australia nla.obj162255730
Amy Johnson around 1930
Amy Johnson and Jason at Jhansi, India 1930 CC BY-SA 3.0

Amy's final route from London to Australia, taking 19.5 days in total.

Amy upon her arrival into Australia

Amy arrived in Australia to a rapturous welcome. True to form, she wasn't interested in giving a huge speech, but she did thank the crowds, looking pretty chuffed with her own achievements. You can watch a short clip here;

Amy had planned to do a tour upon her return to the UK. Here is a video of her discussing her plans for this. Notice how her accent morphs a bit throughout!

When Amy returned to her home town of Hull, she embarked on a victory parade through the streets, and this adorable video shows how she was welcomed back.

Her plane, Jason, now hangs in the Science Museum in London. Head to the aviation gallery to see him!

Copyright: © The Board of Trustees of the Science Museum

Amy on her wedding day, marrying Jim Morrison, who proposed just 8 days after meeting her!

There are a variety of memorials and sculptures to Amy around the country. Here are a few that we mention in the podcast.

Statue in Hull. Photo: Jennifer Petrie (CC BY-SA 2.0)

In Herne Bay, she is shown gazing out to see, up towards the skies.

Photos: Irid Essence (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Amy Johnson's picnic bench, Herne Bay

On the station at Cricklewood - and what inspired Fiona to talk about her on this week's pod! - is this modest and slightly hidden memorial to Amy.

Details of the Queen of the Air Mural at Cricklewood Station

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