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Frank Pick, the mastermind you never knew you needed

**Accompanies episode 71 of the Ladies Who London podcast

Frank Pick, the mastermind of the organisation of the tube system

55 Broadway, the original home of the London Transport, and the second tallest building in London when it was built.

The Johnston sans font, used all over the Underground.

The famous Underground logo, and the doctored versions found in places like India!

Memorial to Frank Pick inside Piccadilly tube station, using the Johnston Sans font The words on the memorial are said to have been found in his notes

Harry Beck, designer of the underground map as we know it today

Harry Beck's original underground map

An example of the tube cover art that has appeared in recent years. You can find the entire back catalogue here at TFL, and can buy the prints as posters too.

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Many thanks to our wonderful guest Fiona Lukas. Here is where you can find her;

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Fiona's tube tour with London walks - click here

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