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From the diamond blue pacific to the whiffy Thames.


t's time to welcome a Prince, yes that's right a Prince from the Pelew (now Palau) Islands, who goes by the name of: Lee Boo.

In 1783 HMS Antelope was shipwrecked on a little island in the western part of the Pacific Ocean. The Captain on board was Rotherhithe resident Henry Wilson and after 3 months of living the island life and repairing his boat - struck up a beautiful friendship with the rulers 2nd son : Prince Lee Boo.

Lee Boo was very inquisitive about European life, so much so, that he boarded the newly repaired ship and travelled along side Wilson to Blighty. Once in London the Prince became the talk of the town, but the story has a very sad ending and you can hear about it on our latest pod,

Prince Lee Boo isn't the only pacific born adventurer that came to Britain in the 18th century, one man who actually became the first was Omai. Omai was brought to Britain by the explorer Captain James Cook and became a member of high society: dining with the likes of royalty and famed writers like Samuel Johnson.

Find out how much a painting of him sold for in 2001 by downloading Episode 56.

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