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It's Christmas and we've flagged down a taxi!!

It's time to hunt down the best Christmas lights in London and the best way to see them is in a black London cab. We're joined by competition winner Elizabeth and two fabulous guides : Lottie and Fiona.

Ever wanted to enter a gingerbread house? how about one covered in Swarovski crystals?.

This is Annabel's and every season the façade takes on a new glorious identity.

Sadly they only let in members and to become one you need to part with £3750,00 per year and just under £2000 join up fee, yikes!!!.

There are many fantastic Christmas trees this year and this one is a major head turner. The designers are married couple : Annie Morris and Idris Khan. Morris has taken on the tree with these expressive lit up circles and Khan reminds us just how important the base of the tree is with the words Merry Christmas written in over 100 different languages.

One of the prettiest roads in London this Christmas - Old Bond Street. Beautiful peacock feathers and iridescent crowns can be found above our heads: a reminder of an 18th century group of fashionistas, who were not afraid to show off their tail feathers and the latest trends.

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