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Save London's gas lamps!

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

**Accompanies the special episode of Ladies Who London podcast on gas lamps

How to complain to Westminster council - click here

How to contact the London gasketeers;

On Instagram - follow @theLondonGasketeers or click here

On Facebook - search @theLondonGasketeers or click here

On Twitter - search @LondonGasketeer or click here

More on the successful project in Malvern Hills - click here

An article in the Guardian about saving the gas lamps in London - click here

Below is a great video from the Londonist, looking at the last remaining gas lamps in London, and talking to a gas lamp engineer.

Different types of gas lamp

Rochester Windsor Grosvenor

Suggs, the original manufacturers, have an entire history department on their lamps. Click here or on image for more.

Listen to the podcast;

Listen on Spotify here

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