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Silvertown explosion, a dynamite tale

**Accompanies episode 62 of Ladies Who London Podcast

Brunner Mond factory in Silvertown, where our story begins.

Silvertown fire station, before and after. The twisted wreck of the fire engine was found a mile away.

Devastation after the explosion at the Brunner Mond factory. The image on the right is slightly overexposed - this is where part of the fire was still burning about a week after the explosion. Some fires went on for almost a month.

Soldiers brought in to help clear the debris and organised the remaining produce.

Article in the paper about the explosion. Note the understated nature of the article, plus the statement that the Press Bureau released the statement. All papers ran the same statement, and very little information other than what you see here was given.

Locals in Silvertown gathering in shelters and making the best of what they had left.

Silvertown in 1939 after the rebuilding of the docks and the factories. This took some time to achieve.

PC Greenoff's inclusion in the Memorial to Heroic Self Sacrifice, which can be found at Postman's Park in the City of London. This memorial remembers those who lost their lives while trying to save the lives of someone else, whether successfully or not.

The Silvertown memorial, which stands near where Brunner Mond factory used to be located, which is now the Thames Barrier park.

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