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The Caravan Club, a 'sink of iniquity' in gay London

*Accompanies episode 74 of the Ladies Who London podcast

The Caravan Club on Endell Street - original photos from the time, courtesy of the National Archives

The police sketch of the caravan club for the raid in 1934, from National Archives

Iron Foot Jack Neves, one of the founders of the Caravan Club

Kenneth Williams speaking Polari as one of the BBC's most popular shows of the 60s, Round The Horne, and how he sneakily got Polari onto the radio, although the audience didn't know what they were hearing...!

Love note kept as evidence from Cyril the Lionheart to his love Morris...

Replica of a complaint letter received from the local residents of Endell Street

Some of the newspaper reports of the court case, including Cyril mentioned as being acquitted. (hurrah!)

Photo of the crowds outside the Bow Street Magistrates court as the trial was taking place.

The recreated Caravan Club by the National Trust in 2017

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