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The Sublime Society of Beefsteaks

Ever enjoyed your dinner so much that you wanted to open a club dedicated to it?

What would yours be called? the Green Thai Curry Club? the Spaghetti Bolognaise Club? how about the Beefsteak Club?

Well would you believe the latter exists and has been going since the early 18th century.

This Club was indulgent, exclusive and meaty - everyone wanted a slice, even the painter William Hogarth named a work of art after the beefy revelry - 'O the Roast beef of old England'. They even had a specially designed uniform which included buttons; each sporting a gridiron motif.

To hear more about this sizzling club, tune into this week's episode to hear about "cheesy wigs" say what!!!! and more.

This week Alex's voice has been taken over by a husky dog doing Pat Butcher impressions. So we thought it only right for her to rest her money maker and sit out of this week's podcast. Get well soon sweet thing!!. With that we've invited two guests on : Blue Badge Tourist Guides Fiona and Charlotte, who wonderfully had plenty to say on the subject of beef.

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